The Weeknd’s Debut Mixtape ‘House of Balloons’ Coming To Streaming Services


There’s a whole new wave of artists migrating their old mixtapes to streaming services, and we’re absolutely here for it. The latest to announce such a move is none other than modern pop sensation, The Weeknd. It was revealed today that his groundbreaking debut mixtape, House Of Balloons, will arrive on streaming platforms this weekend, March 21.

House Of Balloons featured The Weeknd in his purest R&B form. Listeners immediately connected with his unique sound, and it was from that foundation that he was able launch his wildly successful career. This year he performed at the Super Bowl half time show and currently has the most monthly listeners on Spotify with over 73 million.

For this special rerelease, 1,000 limited copies of a new vinyl press will be available. Those are dropping on The Weeknd’s website, on March 21, 3:00pm ET.

In addition to House Of Balloons making its way to streaming services, Mac Miller’s Faces and Kid Cudi’s A Kid Named Cudi will be arriving on your favorite platforms soon as well.

On Sunday for its 10 year anniversary I’m releasing House of Balloons on all streaming platforms for the first time in it’s original incarnation. With the original mixes and samples. 🎈

— The Weeknd (@theweeknd) March 17, 2021