Stream First Fyre Festival Documentary Now Via Hulu

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After all the hype that was built around Netflix’s forthcoming documentary Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, it turns out Hulu beat them to the punch. The competing streaming service surprised everyone with the drop of their own documentary titled Fyre Fraud, essentially hijacking Netflix’s rollout.

With everyone fiending for the juicy details behind the disastrous festival, Hulu’s Fyre Fraud has gone viral, leaving Netflix’s documentary in the dust. We had a chance to watch the film for ourselves, and we can say firsthand that the wait was worth it. Fyre Fraud goes deep with their investigative journalism, interviewing multiple people who were directly involved with the scam festival, including the now infamous Billy McFarland (who makes piss-poor excuses for his actions).

We highly recommend Fyre Fraud to anyone who’s interested in how these people were able to pull of one of the craziest millenial scams ever. Check out the trailer below. Enjoy!