I.O.U. – LO

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I just finished listening to Love,Great.Humans… and I must say that it's diverse. The 16 song album is primarily Hip – Hop, with some electronic music and R & B Thrown in. Each song is different, and no two are very similar. There are songs for every occasion on this album. there are chill songs, serious songs, up-beat and even some party songs. The beats show almost as much diversity as the rapping, with original production, and vast sampling sampling of artitsts like Bob Marley and Ed Sheerhan to name a few. It takes a few listens to really appreciate the diversity of this record. Download this entire free album and enjoy!

I.O.U. – LO<3, Great. Humans… (Full Album) | Direct Download | Hulkshare

I.O.U. – Free | Direct Download

I.O.U. – That Bob Marley Song (Feat. Bob Marley) | Direct Download

I.O.U. – Sabotage | Direct Download

I.O.U. – Angel (feat. Ed Sheerhan) | Direct Downoad