Ian Munro Blends Genre On Moody, Bass Tinged “Solipsism” EP


We’ve been keeping a keen eye on Ian Munro, the creative Kiwi producer who’s caught the eye of major artists and outlets around the world with his unique style that’s unlike anything else out there right now. His latest EP Solipsism brings in all sorts of influences, combining distorted guitar, shaded vocals, and tinges of melodic bass.

Lead track “Tourniquet” introduces that unique and emotive sound, beginning slowly with an intriguing verse and slowly drifting into  heavier bass and more energetic sound, driven by some interesting sound design. “Fault,” featuring abl, similarly fuses moody vocals with a rousing melodic bass drop. Final track “Not There” kicks up the energy level a bit, building up to a dazzling drop of lush electronics and distorted bass.

Check out this unique and stirring EP in the stream below. Enjoy!

Ian Munro – Solipsism