Idris Elba Just Put Out A Summertime House Anthem With The Knocks

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If we’ve come to learn anything about Idris Elba‘s music tastes, the man loves house music. Today, the Brit releases a new tune with beloved New York duo The Knocks called “One Fine Day.” Full of organs, piano, and infectious vocals from Idris himself (along with Tiggs Da Author), it has all the makings of a mid-summer, feel-good house anthem.

There’s actually an “IE Edit” of the tune as well, where Idris Elba puts his own spin on the track. “One Fine Day” comes out on his own label, 7Wallace (who gets The Wire reference?), where he’s pushing a vibrant and fresh tech house sound.

According to a tweet by Idris, royalties from the track will go to BCA Heritage, which focuses on painting a more comprehensive picture of Black presence in Britain.

Check out “One Fine Day” below and enjoy!

Idris Elba & The Knocks – One Fine Day (feat. Tiggs Da Author)