Illenium & Excision Make Sparks Fly On Explosive Belter “Feel Something”

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Some collaborations are just an absolute match made in heaven. The perfect partnering of Illenium and Excision came together two years ago to bring us the jaw-dropping “Gold (Stupid Love),” and now the dynamite duo is back with their second collab, an emotional gut punch of bass titled, “Feel Something.” This new track first reared its beautiful face when Ex and Illenium dropped it as the closer of their 2019 Lost Lands b2b, and six months later we finally have the final product.

This latest offering is a beautiful meeting of the minds. Starting with a haunting guitar line and calling on the impassioned vocals of rock group, I Prevail, this track starts with the feeling of rock ballad in a place of raw emotion. As we slip deeper and deeper into the yearning of the building vocals, we quickly rise into an epic future bass drop (hello Illenium). Just as your body and soul feel full from Illenium’s thunderous sound design, we begin the transition into drop number two- now’s the time to grab that neck brace. I Prevail’s vocals switch to a heavy metal scream and Excision busts down the door with thunderous low end saw and a machine gun line of synths that will plaster you to the wall.

This track is a genre-blending gem, combining high-powered dubstep, passionate future bass, and raw emotive rock. Illenium and Excision struck gold with this one and I Prevail gave this track the extra kick it needed to send it to the moon. No doubt this one will be on repeat at festivals around the world, whenever those start back up. Until then, rage out in the comfort of your home to Illenium and Excision’s newest hit, “Feel Something.” Enjoy!

Illenium & Excision – Feel Something (feat. I Prevail)