ilo ilo Sent Us A Prepaid Phone In Mail & Texted Link To Second Single “Let Me Go”

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We recently featured a new artist called ilo ilo on the site following the unknown artist project mailing us a USB with their debut song “wait” on it, and we’ve had it on repeat ever since. We still don’t know much about ilo ilo, but today we get a little closer to unraveling their story. After sending us a rose, a short note and a USB in the mail, they switched things up this time around sending their second song.

Yesterday we received a package with a pre-paid cellphone including a note saying “we have something special for u on this phone, check your texts.” When we turned on the phone it had a text from a number already saved as ilo ilo saying “hey it’s ilo ilo, i have something special that i wanna show u. text me back <3.” A few texts later and they sent us a link to their website saying to check it at 8am tomorrow. Well now we’re here and they have some new music for us in the form of a new single “let me go.”

While texting, we tried to get the inside scoop to who they are with no luck, but we did get a little more info as they shared “the term ilo ilo is Chinese slang for parents aren’t home come over” and that their logo “is the celtic runes symbol for youth. the purpose of ilo ilo is to create a visual and sonic representation of relatable experiences that young people go through in life.” While we aren’t sure if this is a solo artist, a group, a collective or something entirely different, we’re certainly intrigued.

Before ever putting out music, they've built up an Instagram page for over 6 months with series of short, hypnotizing videos that teased some amazing music clips sounding similar to these first two songs. Many of their Insta posts also included a hotline number 808-202-2690, which is the same number these texts are coming from and has an interesting voicemail when you try calling.

Their second single “Let Me Go” comes with the same dreamy sound as their debut song and we’re definitely going to have this on heavy rotation. They combine layers of glitchy sound design with steel drums, island-inspired percussion and the same relaxed vocals we heard in “wait.” We’ve been asking ourselves who this might be, but for now we’re just happy to have more music to hold us over. There’s a lot going on with ilo ilo, but the music speaks for itself. Enjoy!

ilo ilo – let me go