Incubus Says Skrillex Co-Produced Majority Of Upcoming Album

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It was confirmed in early February that Skrillex had his "hand in a song" when Incubus' guitarist Mike Einziger was speaking with KROQ-FM's music director about their upcoming album. Well it looks likes Skrillex's contribution to the LP has increased tenfold as a brand new interview has surfaced on Beats 1 where Incubus tells the host that Skrillex ended up co-producing "a bunch of the songs" on the album and mixed all of the songs. 

"It's an interesting co-production situation where we were very close to being finished with our album and we have a song called "Familiar Faces" that he ended up making some significant changes to and it was really exciting to us. And we kind of, in a very organic way, thought, "Hey, maybe we should address a couple other songs that we thought maybe could use some changing in some way…

We ended up just going through the entire album and so he ended up co-producing most of the songs, or at least a bunch of the songs and mixing all of the songs…We were just going to spend a day or two in the studio together, kind of messing around, and it turned into two weeks of just working everyday."

Let that sink in for a second. We can't wait to hear what this album sounds like and if you're thinking it's going to be a full-on dubstep project, Incubus is quick to clarify that that is not the case.

"I think a lot of people's first reaction to that might be that we made some kind of Incubus dubstep album and it's not like that at all. Skrillex is a really tasteful, very artful producer. He's got great taste."

Incubus' album comes out on Apr. 21. Stream the full interview with Incubus below. Enjoy!