Infected Mushroom – See Me Now : Bass Heavy Trance / Dubstep [TSIS PREMIERE]

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Israeli pschodelic dance music duo Infected Mushroom have been hard at work in the studio and today we have the premiere of their latest single “See Me Now”. It is a bass heavy hybrid of genres with some trance an dubstep qualities. Look out for their upcoming Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 2 coming out July 2nd on Dim Mak. Grab this single through iTunes now.

Infected Mushroom – See Me Now | iTunes

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Also Infected Mushroom continues their North American Fungus Among Us Tour where they have taken out their new dual sphere light setup created by the creative team responsible for Amon Tobin "ISAM" and Skrillex "The Cell"

Infected Mushroom Fungust Among Us Tour Production: