Innellea Reinvents Parra for Cuva’s “Her Entrance” With Interstellar Remix


Coming to us from the lab of German producer Innellea is a dark and dangerous remix of Parra For Cuva’s “Her Entrance”. He lent his unique orbital interpretation to the song, which originally came out earlier this year, and took it to a higher dimension. Released last week, the Interstellar Remix transforms the track into an absolute must-hear.

For his rendition, Innellea allowed the melodic and ambient soundscapes of the existing production to remain, and he just builds upon them in a massive way. His touch adds the nitty-gritty parts of techno to the formerly mellow tune. The seven-minute long remix goes through expansive peaks and valleys, with a new blaring bassline and tempo roaring alongside the original instrumentation.

Take a listen to the track below. Enjoy!

Parra for Cuva – Her Entrance (Innellea’s Interstellar Remix)