EDC Promoters Insomniac Looking to Launch Electronic Festival on Woodstock Festival Grounds

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The great people of Insomniac, who are responsible for bringing us Electric Daisy Carnival, which is now one of the biggest electronic music festivals worldwide have announced some exciting plans to throw a new festival at the festival grounds where the iconic Woodstock Music Festival went down (for it's 1994 tribute edition). The anticipated capacity will be 75,000 people throughout the multi-day projected festival.

This would be extremely appropriate venue for Insomniac to take their theatric carnival inspired antics to heights completely taking over a field rather then just a race track or arena.

This is what Simon Lamb, chief operating officer of Insomniac had to say:

What makes our events special relative to other music festivals and other concerts, you know, (is) we create an environment that’s filled with installation art, fireworks, costumed performers,” Lamb said. “It’s much more of a combination of a carnival, theater, music, art and special effects. We encourage the audience to participate in the event.” He said Insomniac has been producing dance music events for nearly 20 years, including the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Nev."

We will keep you updated on more info as it rolls in.

Source: Daily Freeman