Inspired Flight Return To The Scene With Downtempo Single “The Next Phase” Featuring Talib Kweli

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Inspired Flight is the collaborative side-project of Gabe Lehner (9 Theory) and Eric Poline (OpenOptics). Both producers began releasing music together in 2006 but, after a 10 year hiatus, are once again returning to the scene. Inspired Flight are coming back with a vengeance with plans for a full record set for release this spring. Today, we’re excited to share with you the first single “The Next Phase,” featuring Talib Kweli & Sophie Barker of Zero 7.

Inspired Flight made a name for themselves by blending hip-hop beats with indie vocals, turntablism, and live instrumentation. “The Next Phase” picks up right where they left off as a trip-hop/downtempo production that seamlessly blends organic instruments and melodic vocals with boom bap drums and vinyl scratches. The legendary Talib Kweli lends his iconic conscious lyricism as Sophie Barker adds an ethereal vocal touch to the track.

Inspired Flight have hinted at a number of features and collaborations to come on the album so make sure to keep an eye out as the group releases more music. Stream the track below and enjoy!

Inspired Flight – The Next Phase (Ft. Talib Kweli & Sophie Barker)