INTERVIEW | Goth Babe Discusses His New ‘North Coast’ EP, His Love For Surfing, & More


Goth Babe has finished another chapter of his musical, nomadic travels with the release of his latest EP, North Coast. We had the pleasure of premiering “Moments / Tides” last month, and now we’re stoked share with you the full project. This EP is three tracks deep, and each feels like a glimpse into the life of this intriguing new artist.

We’ve only recently been introduced to Goth Babe, but have loved everything we’ve heard from him so far.

Check out the new EP from Goth Babe below, as well as our conversation with the nomadic artist.

Goth Babe – North Coast EP

Current favorite artists: honestly..I’m in search for one this month – in a rut!

Most recent Google search: why people are trumpers

Favorite quarantine pastime: When my partner Cate and I would watch Parks and Rec on the projector screen and drink Bengal Spice Tea.

Favorite production session snack: blueberries all day

Firstly, how did you decide to call yourself Goth Babe?


A band named Surf Curse has a song named Goth Babe.

Each of your releases are tethered to a location. What’s the story behind this new EP?


The new EP has been in an era of a lot of beach trips between my friends and I. Haven’t missed a week of surf, and don’t plan to anytime soon! Waves have been glorious.

What was one of your fondest memories traveling around for North Coast?


Car camping on a bluff and running into random people also car camping. I’ve met some of my closest people there.

How have you been motivating yourselves to create during this time? Is it any different than usual?


Definitely different. I get extremely inspired to write after a tour. So the absence of shows has been hard, but it just requires a bit more scheduling for myself.

What region of the country do you have your mind set on next?


Inland northwest!

If you could play a show right now anywhere in the world, without any restrictions, where would it be and why?


Portland, OR. I’d love to celebrate gathering with my friends again right here in town.

What’s the best way to listen to North Coast?


On the dad gum coast with a Juneshine in hand.