INTERVIEW | QUIET BISON Discusses Groundbreaking New 30-Track Album, ‘Dawn’


Before last year, QUIET BISON was a producer who focused on quality over quantity. Now, the Portland-based sound design wizard can confidently say he specializes in both—a rare attribute in the music landscape today achieved by only the top producers (Four Tet, Vegyn). Today sees the release of his debut album, Dawn, which clocks in at a whopping 30 tracks, with not a single one serving as a filler.

The prime cut of this project is QUIET BISON’s ability to create outside the box, while every so often keeping one foot inside of it. The tracklisting is perfectly spread out, offering the occasional vocal cut from talents such as wilo wilde, Reo Cragun, Pauline Herr, and more.

With such an exciting release that goes against the grain for your typically commercial LP, we took the opportunity to speak with QUIET BISON about Dawn. He spoke on why he chose to deliver 30 tracks all at once, how he constantly is learning new things, and why he’s not a huge fan of doing shows.

You can listen to the new QUIET BISON album below. And be sure to check out our conversation with the producer. Enjoy!


Congratulations on the album release! What does the title Dawn mean to you? 

Dawn, to me, represents a sort of duality, and how you can find lessons from challenges to move forward from desolation into a renaissance.

32 tracks is much longer than your average LP. What made you want to have the project be at such a length? 

The main reason the project is the length that it is, is because I make a lot of music,  and 30 tracks is cut down to what I found to be good enough for what I wanted the album to be. I also wanted to put more out there so anyone that likes the type of music I make has more to listen to and be inspired by,  and not to cut it down just because it may be more commercially viable.

Your sound design is truly one of a kind. What types of music/artists influence you the most? 

I’m really lucky to be friends with a lot of the people who inspire me the most which motivate me to work harder and make things that they enjoy and are inspired by.

What is one crucial part of your creative process? 

Each track I make, I try to make something that’s both building off of what I learned from the previous one but also doing something new.

What was one memory you are most fond of during the making of this album?

Since starting this album, I’ve met a lot of amazing people who are now really good friends, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such talented and creative people, both on the music and the visual side.

What are some upcoming gigs that you are most looking forward to?

I’m not a huge fan of doing shows, because I really prefer the side of music where I’m making it. But being able to do shows with people who I enjoy being around and are friends, makes the experience enjoyable.  So pretty much any shows where I have good company are the ones I look forward to the most. I’m going on tour with some friends this year but more about that later.

If you could remix any artist in the world, with their full permission, who would it be and why?

Probably anything from Hardcore Til I Die, volumes 1 or 2, or any Banks song.

If you could perform Dawn live to an audience at any location, with absolutely no restrictions, where would it be and why?

I think I’d perform Dawn in some old castle or something, in a full set of knight armor to make the medieval times show of EDM.