Introducing Our New 50+ Track “Endless Vibes” Playlist On Spotify

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Here at TSIS, we love the infinite ways of discovering and enjoying music across a broad spectrum. We are excited to announce that we have been working hard on an awesome new playlist to capture having the perfect vibes.

We are launching the "This Song Is Sick Endless Vibes Playlist" that is a 50 track long playlist that is hosted on Spotify and embedded on our website. This playlist captures those perfect vibes and isn't restricted to one genre with a mixture of future bass, chilled out songs and varieties of house. There's nothing really too commercial here, and more lenient on new tracks that have just been released, but also has a few classics intermingled in. 

The best part of this playlist is that it's going to be updated every single week at Friday morning at 12pm EST (11am CST / 10am MST / 9am PST). We will have new tracks every single week to make sure things stay as fresh as the first time you listened through the list. We will have more than 50 tracks some weeks, but always at least that many.

Follow our account while you're at it and you can follow the playlist here:


Listen to the playlist and comment below in this post with your feedback. Enjoy