Learn How To Turn A Click-Wheel iPod Into A Retro Spotify Player

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Millenials should clearly remember in the early 2000s when the first ever iPods were making their debut onto the market. The hype was off the charts. It’s rare to see any of them out and about today, but one YouTuber has found a way to transform the nostalgia-inducing mp3 player into something we’d use every day.

Master tinkerer Guy Dupont has uploaded a video onto his channel that shows the step-by-step process of turning a 17-year-old iPod Classic into a retro Spotify player with Bluetooth and WiFi. Now, a fair warning: this is not a DIY project for beginners. Among many other mind-blowing techniques to make this happen, Guy Dupont even wrote his own software to have the device vibrate each time you scrolled with the click wheel.

Perhaps the coolest part of the design is the black and green interface that matches Spotify’s colors.

Even if you don’t plan on creating one of these devices on your own, the video of him creating and using the final product is fascinating. He ends up not using a single piece of original hardware from the iPod Classic besides the outer casing. You can check out the video below. Enjoy!