Isaiah Rashad Makes Triumphant Return With New Album ‘The House Is Burning’

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Isaiah Rashad’s story is one of trial, tribulation, and triumph. The Chattanooga, Tennessee born rapper has been the mind behind some of hip hop’s most recognizable underground hits, and it’s been a long five years since his last album, The Sun’s Tirade. In that time, Rashad has experienced the highest peaks, the deepest valleys, and come out the other side a matured artist capable of conveying the intricacies of inner turmoil and growth like few others can. That hard fought growth comes to a head with the highly-anticipated release of his new album, The House Is Burning.

Sixteen tracks of honest vulnerability await all who press play. Zay has always had a knack for weaving free flowing multi-faceted lines, but as he mentions in a recent interview, this is some of his best and most cryptic work to date. With the help of a healthy list of fellow Top Dog Entertainment label mates and guest appearances from artists like Smino, SZA, 6lack, and Lil Uzi Vert, Rashad dissects his past struggles with addiction, sobriety, personal and career expectations, mental health, and more—all the while maintaining an air of hope for what is and what’s to come. Bar after bar, beat after fine cut beat, the album weaves in and out  reflecting on the missteps and accompanying intentional growth that elevate a person to a higher version of themselves.

There’s a reason Isaiah Rashad has become a major figure in the world of underground and conscious hip hop, and this latest project demonstrates it perfectly. This clinic in introspective lyricism finds Zay at his truest form yet— a conqueror of his demons and a beacon of principled self-awareness, while still understanding the best is yet to come. Stream Isaiah Rashad’s long-awaited album, The House Is Burning, below. Enjoy!

Isaiah Rashad – The House Is Burning