SHADES Delivers Face-Melting New Remix Of Ivy Lab’s Banger “Cake”

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Of all the super duo’s out there, SHADES just might be the most lethal. Comprised of EPROM and Alix Perez, SHADES consistently unloads off-the-wall tracks that are just riddled with the nastiest bass in the game. Today, the titanic team is back with official remix duties for Ivy Lab’s heavyweight electro track, “Cake“.

This remix is a clear demonstration of EPROM & Perez doing what they do best. While Ivy Lab’s original track produced a buzzing, slimy mass of electro goodness – team SHADES takes this tune to the darkest depths of bass. By fleshing out the drop with just a touch of breathing room between XL distorted blasts of bass, the dangerous duo makes you feel like they’re relentlessly dunking you up and down in a pool of the filthiest sound waves we’ve heard in a minute.

There’s a certain level of destructive sound design we’ve come to expect from EPROM & Perez, but these boys still blew our expectations out of the water. When you have a talented team like this, no listener is safe from your expansive bass. Stream SHADES’ ridiculous remix of Ivy Lab’s “Cake” below and enjoy!

Ivy Lab – Cake (Shades Remix)