Ivy Lab Drop Monstrous Experimental Halftime Banger “Cake” Ahead Of Upcoming Album


The halftime gods are back at it again. There aren’t many producers out there who can approach Ivy Lab’s level of sound design while retaining such a locked-in groove. The North London based production duo comprised of Sabre and Stray (both of whom double as drum n’ bass producers) recently released the lead single off their forthcoming album, Death Don't Always Taste Good and we can’t get it off repeat.

The single is titled “Cake,” and it’s pure unadulterated filth. It’s only around three and a half minutes long, but it feels like you’re being sent through a full, three-act performance. The first part of the track is comprised of a back-crippling bass line, pounding kick drums, and hauntingly creative synth patterns; all components that will make you wish that you could bump this on a state of the art sound system. The madness continues for a full minute before the track seems to fade out into some trippy, ambient noise, letting the listener catch their breath for a moment. Of course, that isn’t the end. Ivy Lab drops the beat once more, this time with an eerie flute sample, switching up the vibe entirely while maintaining the same driving bass line that had our heads bobbing from the start.

“Cake” has been a highly anticipated track for a while now, and this release only has us even more hyped for the group’s upcoming album, due out on May 11. Enjoy!

Ivy Lab – Cake