Ivy Lab Will Blow Your Mind With Brilliant Experimental EP ‘Everythingmustchange’

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North London outfit, Ivy Lab, have proven time and time again why they’re at the forefront of experimental bass and electronic music right now. Every release seems to explore a completely unique soundscape for the duo and while their last release came by way of the eerie NOVV/NASDAQ, their newest EP, Everythingmustchange, heads in an entirely different direction.

The EP starts out with the ethereal, atmospheric title track that’s filled with swelling synths and bass and chopped up hip hop samples. “Stacked” comes in hard and goes right back to their signature hard-hitting trap-inspired beat full of unique instruments and sultry r&b vocal samples. “Oxford Diagnostics” features an off-tempo, breakbeat-esque drum pattern all while flirting with haunting chords and pitched vocals. “Ki-Tech” rides the boundary between industrial techno and trap while “Rain Fire” is a murky, psychedelic grime affair that features London’s Onoe Caponoe.

Ivy Lab are tastemakers who still manage to push their own sound with every release and it’s just exciting to watch their creative genius unfold before our eyes. Stream the new EP below and enjoy!

Ivy Lab – Everythingmustchange