PREMIERE | Newcomer j ember Makes TSIS Debut On Psychedelic Indie Song “Parallel”

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Today we have the pleasure of introducing a talented new artist j ember to the site with the infectious premiere of “Parallel” that we’re surely going to have on repeat. The talented Canadian artist brings a dreamy sound that captures us at the first note and we’re excited to see where he goes from here. 

With 'Parallel,' the goal was to create a song that combined a Jimi Hendrix influenced psychedelic rock sound with modern hip-hop production. I got together with Jeff Hazin, Matt Kahane, Tim North, and Quin Kiu to make this record.  – j. mber

The psychedelic indie rock vibe brings a sound that any Tame Impala or Yellow Days fan will instantly love. He expertly blends his smooth guitar licks with mellow lo-fi production, crisp instrumentaion and catchy vocals making him someone we’re going to have an eye on this year. Stay tuned for more and enjoy!

j ember – Parallel