J Lloyd (1/2 Of Jungle) Has Dropped A New 25-Track Album, ‘Kosmos’

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Jungle has always been able to lay down some of the grooviest jams. One member of the beloved duo, J Lloyd, dropped a massive solo album recently, and after diving into it, we had to share.

Rare is it where you’ll run across an album that has been recorded with the goal of being listened to from start to finish, yet “Kosmos” is one of those projects. It was recorded in a continuous session in April of this year, and each track flows seamlessly into the next one, creating a vibe and temp where the influence of each preceding track leads directly into the next.

Not everyone is into puzzles per se, however when you have someone else fitting the pieces together for you, it can lend just as much appreciation for the process itself along with the completed body of work. Take a peep at the album in the link below, just be sure to start from the beginning.  Enjoy!

J Lloyd – Kosmos