Jack Harlow Reveals A More Raw & Intimate Self On Latest Album ‘Jackman.’

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GRAMMY-nominated rapper, Jack Harlow, has reached rap superstardom in less than a decade. He’s always been proud of representing his hometown of Louisville, KY and has just made headlines claiming to be the “best white rapper after Eminem.” Albeit controversial, it’s hard to deny the talent and success he’s attained in such a short time. This weekend, he released his latest album, Jackman., out now via Generation Records.

Jack Harlow has always exuded versatility with various forays into hip-hop, pop, indie, and beyond. Jackman. explores a much more raw and intimate side to the Louisville product that feels much more akin to a mixtape than to a studio album. The 10-track project plays at just under 24 minutes with each track feeling more personal than we’ve heard from him and productions that feel minimal compared to his other catalog. Jack speaks on a number of relatable issues ranging from white privilege, to suburban lifestyles, to complicated friend relationships, to fame.

Jackman. strips down the bright lights and Hollywood façade to reveal a mature, authentic Jack Harlow that commands respect. Stream the album below and enjoy!

Jack Harlow – Jackman.