Jackal Unveils Heavy New Single “Christ Person, Woman God” Via RL Grime’s New Sable Valley Label

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Although the electronic community as a whole has always kept a close eye on RL Grime, with the recent inception of his new record label, bass music fans far and wide have been holding their breath in anticipation of what’s to come. Well, it seems the wait is finally over, as today Jackal has debuted as the first solo release off Sable Valley, with an incredible new single “Christ Person, Woman God”.

Considering that both Jackal and RL Grime have stayed consistent in pushing the boundaries of bass music for years now, we couldn’t have hoped for a better producer head up the surely growing Sable Valley ranks. As we got a small taste of the new label’s sound with the release of RL & graves’ “Arcus”, this latest offering has definitely helped us get acquainted with what we can expect from SV going forward.

With Jackal having unveiled this latest evolution of his unique sound on his recent single “Don’t Come Near Me I Am A Monster”, we’ve continued to be impressed today with his masterful concoction of shrill, skittering synths, bright, ethereal melodies and heavy, booming bass. And if this latest single wasn’t enough to propel the hype surrounding Sable Valley, it comes to us today hot on the heels of a brand new Jackal MiniMix, of which we hope to see more of paired with future future releases. Check out “Christ Person, Woman God” and Jackal’s Sable Valley MiniMix below and enjoy!

Jackal – Christ Person, Woman God

MiniMix 001: Jackal