Jacques Green Drops Stunning Experimental Electronica EP, ‘Fantasy’

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Canadian producer Jacques Green has been a beloved fixture in the electronic music scene for quite some time now. Typically known for a lively house/UK garage vibe, he’s been shaking things up and expanding his sound design to have a more ambient and spacey feel. His latest collection of work, Fantasy, came out last week and shows off just how far he’s come in curating this new chapter of music. 

This five-track EP is an expansive whirlwind of a journey. While leaning more towards the minimal and downtempo side, there is still intense emotion and complexity to the composition of each track. Opener “Taurus” and middle track “Relay” have sections of sturdy breakbeats, complimented by glistening synths. “Memory Screen + Fantasy” is a midtempo song brimming with nostalgic samples, that turns trancey halfway through. And the hauntingly good vocals of Japanese musician Satomimagae make listening to “Sky River” an ethereal experience. 

You can play the EP below. Enjoy!

Jacques Greene – Fantasy EP