Jai Wolf Makes Triumphant Return With Shimmering, Chill New Single “Lost” Feat. Chelsea Jade


It’s been over a year since indie electronic aficionado Jai Wolf dropped new music. Although the New York-based producer has kept busy sharing stunning music videos for standouts like “Indian Summer” and “Starlight” feat. Mr. Gabriel, we’ve missed the refreshing vibrancy that he brings to each and every one of his releases. Today Jai Wolf is finally back with “Lost” feat. Chelsea Jade, and we’re stoked to say it was well worth the wait. 

Jai Wolf normally explores soaring highs with his releases, but “Lost” explores a mature new edge that we haven’t truly heard from the artist before. Composed of punchy percussion and deep progressions reminiscent of a long night drive, the single explores a more somber, chill direction for Jai Wolf. Yet, like all Jai Wolf tracks always do, the song still radiates with a palpable energy that jumps through the speaker. Chelsea Jade was a fitting match for this production, showing a range from yearning falsettos to sultry lows that bring a complex new dimension to the track. 

We’re loving this new direction for Jai Wolf, and we can’t wait to hear what else comes from him in the future. Check out “Lost” below and enjoy! 

Jai Wolf – Lost (Feat. Chelsea Jade)