Jai Wolf Makes Triumphant Return with “Want It All,” First Single in 3 Years

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Ahead of his upcoming sets at this year’s Coachella, Jai Wolf just dropped his first single in three years. Released by Mom+Pop Music, Jai Wolf recruits singer Evalyn on this emotionally charged, powerful anthem, “Want It All.”

The juxtaposition between the lyrics and musical production of “Want It All” tells an interesting story. The lyrics lament a lopsided relationship, with singer Evalyn crooning, “I knew you’d let me down again.” However, the production is unmistakably upbeat. Aided by a bubbly, fast-paced breakbeat, the fluttering synth, warm piano melodies, and euphoric sax evoke an undeniably victorious mood. By the end of the song, the full picture is revealed: “Want It All” is about reclaiming your power through finding closure at the end of a relationship and ultimately moving on.

“Want It All” is also accompanied by a music video. Here’s what Jai Wolf had to say about it:

This era feels like a true rebirth by pushing my sound into new territories while still feeling grounded in my usual sonic palette. While a lot of electronic music is defined by the production, I really wanted to focus on lyrics and songwriting for the new music. It’s been cathartic putting my feelings to paper and then extrapolating them even further through interpretative dance for the music video. I’m grateful for Evalyn, Andrew, Monica, Rishi and Manfred for being a part of this record and bringing the music video to life!

You can check out “Want It All” below. Enjoy!

Jai Wolf – Want It All (feat. Evalyn)