Jai Wolf Enlists Chet Porter For Trippy, Melancholic New Video For “Your Way” (feat. Day Wave)

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Jai Wolf has been on a hot streak of releases lately. With his debut album The Cure To Loneliness set to drop in less than a month, today he’s shared a Chet Porter starring official video for his latest single “Your Way” (feat. Day Wave). He’s also shared “Lose My Mind” and “Telepathy” off the anticipated project due April 5. 

We were wondering what Chet Porter’s recent ghost-producer tweet was all about, and it seems we’ve received our answer in Jai’s new visual offering. Starting off with Chet standing on a balcony in direct view of his own face on a billboard, the video follows the journey of a rich, forlorn, big-name EDM producer (Chet) as he battles the sheer empty boredom of loneliness. Now Chet’s tweet makes much more sense as it comes from the perspective of the character in this video. Check out the video below and enjoy!

Jai Wolf – Your Way feat. Day Wave (Official Music Video)

have been keeping quiet about this bc i always want to be the most humble artist i can be, but i co-wrote/ghost produced a song last year that made it to radio and became an actual hit. and nobody knows it lol. so weird to me. fuck it i’m gonna buy myself a crazy fucking house

— chet porter (@chetporter) March 3, 2019