James Blake Pays Homage to Old Sound on “Big Hammer,” Announces New Album


James Blake is truly one of the most creative artists of our generation. Last year, he surprised the world by releasing an ambient album, proving he was comfortable making any kind of music he desired. Now, he’s ushering in a new chapter by announcing his upcoming album Playing Robots Into Heaven with the release of a brand new single “Big Hammer.”

“Big Hammer” is nothing like the usual avant-garde, melodic vocal offerings that we’re used to hearing. Instead, the track is a glitchy, hard-hitting experimental electronic affair that finds James Blake exploring his sound.

Many fans of James Blake might find this glitchy, electronic, and nearly vocal-less sound a bit unusual. However, longtime fans of James will be reminded of his earlier work on projects like 2010’s CMYK.

James Blake’s Playing Robots Into Heaven is set to release September 7 and it’ll be interesting to see what sonic direction James chooses to head in. Check out the official music video for “Big Hammer” below and enjoy!

James Blake – Big Hammer