James Blake Drops Highly Anticipated Frank Ocean Cover “Godspeed” + Video

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James Blake has delivered quite a treat to fans with this latest release. As die hard fans will surely recognize “Godspeed” as a Frank Ocean song that James helped write, he’s now released his own full cover of the track for all to enjoy!

When we first heard James Blake cover this via his Instagram back in January, we had no idea that a full version would be gracing our ears before the end of the year. And while Frank’s original is obviously a gem and a half, there’s just something so deeply soothing about this new cover that I for one cannot get enough of.

As if to add even more fanfare around the new track, it seems James Blake has also dyed his hair platinum blonde. While most likely not a nod to Frank, it’s still a nice cherry on top for the release. Stream / watch the video for “Godspeed” below an enjoy!

James Blake – Godspeed