Emotions Soar On Jason Ross & Blanke’s Massive Future Bass Track “One More Day”

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Future bass belters are a guilty pleasure of mine. There’s something about the combination of emotionally driven lyrics and explosively immersive sound design that just hits the soul so right. American producer, Jason Ross, and Australian, Blanke, have satiated my down low desire for tear jerking bass with a fiery new track titled “One More Day,” out now on Seven Lions’ Ophelia Records.

Singer/songwriter Chandler Leighton serves as our guiding light as guest vocalist, her impassioned verses leading us toward Ross’s titanic wall of melodic synths that will launch us through the stratosphere. But don’t get to comfortable in the weightless new world, Blanke is waiting just around the corner with a fully loaded cannon of distorted bass to rip us back to reality.

Be ready to go through a gauntlet of emotion with this new collab. It may not be the easiest journey, but nothing worth doing was ever easy and the reward on the other side is undeniably liberating. Stream Jason Ross & Blanke’s new single, “One More Day,” below. Enjoy!

Jason Ross & Blanke – One More Day (Feat. Chandler Leighton)