Jasper Tygner Serves Up Eclectic House Single “Need You”


UK house mastermind, Jasper Tygner, has a plans to make 2023 his most impressive year yet. Gearing up for the release of his fourth EP, Real Time (set to arrive February 23rd), the young producer is serving up some seriously impressive singles to kick off the release cycle. His second track from the EP, “Need You,” is out now.

Aptly named “Need You,” vocal chops repeating the song’s title set the vibe for this house-influenced bop. Groovy synth pads and tasteful arpeggios fill in the spaces between, accented by a powerful sub and deep, four-on-the-floor kick. Tygner creates waves of energy as the track progresses, giving both minimalistic and high-energy sections equal opportunity to shine.

Jasper Tygner commented on the development of “Need You,” saying:

It’s the quickest tune I’ve ever made. I was on the train home from a studio session with DJ Boring and this chord procession popped into my head. I hummed it into my phone along with some initial melody ideas and made the initial track in a couple of hours when I got home. It was so quick I never turned on a single synth, I used all software instruments for the speed of it.

You can stream “Need You” at the link below, out everywhere via LG105. Enjoy!

Jasper Tygner – Need You