Jasper Tygner Releases Lo-Fi Rave Track “Change Your Mind”


Every song we post about makes us feel some type of way, but not every song also transports us to specific moments in time. The latest entrant to this legendary category? London based producer Jasper Tygner’s newest release “Change Your Mind“.

While Tygner’s style normally tends to lean more on the lo-fi end of dance music, this track is especially chill. This is fitting given the inspiration for the song. Fascinated by the Berlin 90’s rave scene, Tygner explained on his Instagram that “Change Your Mind” was influenced by footage of people chilling post-rave. With its elegant glimmers of synth, this song really does feel like the perfect encapsulation of those quiet but emotional moments of connection. While the overall mood of the track is somewhat melancholic, Tygner is able to balance the track with some lighter key arrangements.

“Change Your Mind” serves as the second single off his upcoming EP Eyes Closed (due out September). Until then, you can check this tune out using the link below. Enjoy!

Jasper Tygner – Change Your Mind