Jasper Tygner Shines Brighter Than Ever On New ‘Things To Come’ EP

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The past couple years have seen North London producer Jasper Tygner’s star shine brighter and brighter with every show and release. After being placed on Amazon Music’s “One’s To Watch 2022” and DMY’s “Artists to Watch 2023,” 2024 sees Jasper Tygner’s continued evolution both in the studio and his live performances, best exemplified in his latest EP, Things To Come, via Ninja Tune.

Things To Come represents a new era for Jasper Tygner. This EP is highly influenced by his versatile live shows, where he utilizes an array of keys, piano, analog synthesizers and drum machines. These tracks all include epic buildups and big breakdowns while being intensely emotive. Tygner also pivoted from finding inspiration through samples to finding inspiration through collaborating with other producers and vocalists to create truly original music.

“Rather than focusing on samples as much as I have done previously, I worked with a few different vocalists for this project writing original songs. It’s totally changed the way I make music. Not just being collaborative on the EP but working with people to enhance your own sound. It was a really rewarding process and everyone brought something different and exciting to the EP.” – Tygner adds.

Each track is special and intentional, and you can tell Jasper Tygner is truly coming into his own. “Before Me” sets the tone of the EP beautifully with its driving beat and arpeggiating synths, almost putting listeners in a trance before they continue with the project. The project’s lead single “Eyes” is the track most ready for live performances with the most epic build ups of the project. While “When Ur Near” is a more mellow, emotional track that was created in less than an hour alongside South London multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer Benjy Gibson.

Jasper Tygner created this EP to showcase his evolution and the direction he’s heading as an artist. The sounds and textures he’s creating are so unique it’s like he’s creating an ecosystem of sound around these tracks. If Things To Come is an example of what’s to come, it is an exciting time to be a fan of his. Stream the EP below and enjoy!

Jasper Tygner – Things To Come

-Written By: JD Scribner