Jauz’s Hot Streak Continues With New Tech House Single “Movin”


What can’t Jauz do? The house heavy-hitter has been absolutely on fire since 2014- becoming one of EDM’s most in demand artists, starting his own successful record label, and garnering a reputation as an EDM renaissance man through years of successful dabbling in the many different facets of house and bass music. As a house head, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching Jauz explore the tech world this summer, releasing groovers like “Truth,” and “Don’t Leave Me,” and an entire compilation, Jauz Presents: Off the Deep End. The Daddy Shark just doesn’t miss, and his latest single, “Movin,” is another definite tech house bullseye.

Leading off with that steady, driving four-on-the-floor rhythm we know and love, an actively whirling line of bass synths, and playful trade off of atmospheric percussion and synth accents, you know you’re in for a tasty treat. As we build with a provoking vocal sample and industrial synths that put you on the edge of your seat, Jauz delivers a lip-biting upbeat bass drop that some major attitude. 

After synchronizing a dash of spacey synths over top of the trancey vocals, this heater becomes a fully certified party starter. The track continues on in an impressively melodic way before another spicy drop into the depths of tech, but we’ll let you experience that for yourself.  So, without further ado, I highly recommend you locate the largest speakers possible, pump up the bass, and start bumping, “Movin,” by Jauz. Enjoy!

Jauz – Movin