Jayceeoh Joins SNAILS’ Slugz Music With Heavy Double Single “Grand Slam” & “Exodus”  + Joint Interview

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Today marks a big day in the world of Slugz Music. For the first time ever, the SNAILS-founded label just released new music from an artist other than SNAILS. For this first offering, he’s called upon heavyweight producers Jayceeoh for a double single “Grand Slam” featuring The Bloody Beetroots and and “Exodus.” Both these songs are absolutely wild and showcase the sound we can expect to hear from Slugz music down the road. We’ve been waiting for “Grand Slam” ever since it was debuts at Lolla and it goes just as hard as we remember!

Jayceeoh actually joined SNAILS for the infamous Slugz Music vs GUD VIBRATIONS set at Lollapalooza this year so this release makes perfect sense. The tracks are packed with the grimey bass music we’ve come to love from Jayceeoh over the years as he brings a hard-hitting dubstep sound we’re loving.

Additionally we got a chance to pick the brains of both SNAILS and Jayceeoh with a joint interview where they two actually interviewed each other. Check out the interview and new tracks below and enjoy!

Jayceeoh – Grand Slam (Ft. The Bloody Beetroots)

Jayceeoh – Exodus

Jayceeoh to Snails:

Jayceeoh: I am honored to be the first artist signed to SLUGZ MUSIC. What is your vision for the label? Where do you want to see Slugz Music by the end of 2020?

Snails: My vision is to build a family of artists and friends that all share the same passion and wanna push the limit of what they can do. I was really influenced by metal music when I was younger and it’s something I’m wanting to bring to the label branding wise. I wanna have all my best friends a part of the same label to create and share our music. My goal for 2020 would be to have Slugz Music a part of bigger festival take over, and push the limit of music and art. I’d love to have visual artists a part of the family too and taking over different outlets to expand the label and share my different passion to the world.

How do you decide what artist you want to work with on your label? Is there a specific sound or genre you are looking to promote? Do you approach signing records to Slugz differently than you do your own music?

That’s a good question! I’m always looking for unique sounds. I love songs that tell a story and are different from everything. It could be a person that has 1 Soundcloud follower or millions, in the end, my goal is to find music that I’m attracted to and I know that I’ll love playing during my show. Always looking out to get some good friends on board too that I know have been working hard on their music. My goal is to promote music that I love and use my vision of Slugz Music to promote them.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in EDM in the last year? Do you have any predictions about where things are going in 2020?

The biggest is definitely the explosion of the riddim sound. Artists like Svdden Death are doing a mix of dubstep and riddim to create something new and it’s got me super inspired to work more on different styles myself. I can’t say what’s gonna come for next year and I think that’s the beauty of the music to always get surprised with new things.

You are about to head out on a massive tour across North America which I am blessed to be a part of. What can fans expect from this tour? What are you most excited about?

I’m excited to share the new story, the new comic book and the new music through my holographic stage THE SHELL 2.0. its gonna be another amazing experience to share with the world and I’m super excited to come back and show all the hard work I’ve put in this whole year for the fans.

How do you approach your sets on tour? Is there a difference between your tour and festival sets?

Yes totally, it’s a different style of set for me. My tour sets are made to tell a story so it has a lot of edits and different version of songs that are made to fit with the visuals to tell the story of The Shell. For festival sets, we don’t have The Shell 2.0 stage so we cannot give that same show to people so I approach the set more as a personal music selection that I love including my own songs.

We are both known to savagely get down on some food. If we were to do a Man vs. Food challenge, which city / restaurant would you chose to battle me at? 

HAHAHAHAHAHA WOW!!! I’d get you at the poutine challenge, HERE in Montreal. the man who can finish his 10-pound poutine first is the winner. LET THE FIGHT BEGIN

You are certainly no stranger to travel which can be the most taxing part of our jobs at times. If you had to pick one airport in North America to be stranded at which airport would you chose and why?

I’d say a New York airport cause they have some of the sickest lounges I’ve ever seen and I wouldn’t mind being stranded there cause I could hang and do my things too haha.


Snails to Jayceeoh: 

Snails: What got you into scratching and being such a good dj? How did you start?

Jayceeoh: Back in 8th grade a saw a video of a DJ Battle and was blown away. I was like wow, how the fuck do these guys make those sounds with their hands moving the record like that. I was totally captivated by that and all I wanted to do was learn how to scratch and beat juggle. Something about the feeling of making those sounds live with your hands was something I knew I wanted to be great at. Stage presence and overall performance came after perfecting the technical aspect of scratching and DJing.  

What sport would you go enjoy after a long studio session?

These days golf is my go to sport. I picked it up a few years back and became totally addicted to it. It is literally the hardest sport to be consistent at. But something about being out in nature with a few good friends with no distraction is therapeutic Unless you are playing terrible which sometimes make you want to jump off a bridge, but that’s another story. Lol ). Other than that basketball is my go to sport. You can also find me shredding mountains and waves.  I just love to compete and be active. I’m game for anything. 

We’re about to jump on a bus tour together. What’s the thing you’re looking forward to the most?

I am sooooooo pumped for this bus tour. There are a lot of things I look forward to. I guess the main thing is being able to travel across the country with awesome artists/friends and get to introduce my music and show to crowds that may have never seen me before. I love making a first impression and leaving people like what the fuck. How did I no know about Jayceeoh.

As we know you are part of the 1000volts Project with REDMAN, could you say that the project influenced your style for your solo project JAYCEEOH or is it two totally different things? What would be the main difference between the two projects?

Well the 1000volts project is kind of it’s own beast. Working with a rap icon like redman and bringing him into bass music isn’t an easy thing to do well. With that project I approach each record with how can Redman put his stamp on this song and make it hit for EDM and hip hop crowds. With my solo project the main focus is how do I blow people’s minds out of their skulls. The solo project has a little more freedom for me to go crazy. But that being said, both projects are nuts. Lol. 

You just released the song “GRAND SLAM” on Slugz music, how was the process of working with The Bloody Beetroots on this?

Me and Sir Bob aka Bloodybeetroots actually go pretty far back. It started with a remix I did for him years ago. Then he brought me on a bus tour a year after that followed by a collaboration that was on his Dim Mak EP. For ‘Grand Slam’ it was actually the easiest process ever for us. I had the tune essentially done and had a random pre drop.  I knew the song had crazy raw energy that Bob would like. He was living in Venice, CA at the time and I sent him the record and asked if he would do a vocal for it. I came by, set up the mic, told him to try “ITS ON FIYAHHH” in his screamo voice. He did a few takes, threw some distortion on it and 15mins later we were drinking lattes and walking around the streets on Venice.