PREMIERE | jELACEE Makes His Massive Comeback with “Feel”


Returning from a long hiatus after graduating from the iconic Stööki Sound, jELACEE is finally back with an innovative experimental tune, “fEEL”. A pioneer in electronic trap, the legend returns and is playing no games this time around. Now officially embarking on his solo project, the British beatmaker’s new journey is described as “Untamed. Unbound. Unchained.”

jELACEE’s work in alchemizing electronic music and hip-hop has been groundbreaking, to say the least. But “fEEL” brings you to a new level, giving you a taste of what you can expect in his diversified upcoming releases. Laser-like synths crescendo into cascading melodies that make up the track’s tantalizing hook. A futuristic and provocative interlude gives us a second to process the heat we just heard before going into the second drop—even more energetic and exhilarating than the first. A “jELACEE” vocal sample signifies the song’s completion but definitely leaves us wanting to hear more of what he’s got.

The good news: He’s giving it to us. jELACEE will be dropping a new track every month until the end of the year. Until then, you can get the first listen of “fEEL” and play it on repeat. Enjoy!

jELACEE – Feel