Jeremy Zucker Reflects on Hardship & Heartache with New Album, ‘CRUSHER’

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If there’s an artist that can plunge you into your emotions, it’s Jeremy Zucker. With a fine-tuned mix of pensive production and thoughtful songwriting, Zucker has amassed a massive listening base far exceeding tens of millions and earning him the 258th most listened to artist on Spotify across the globe. 2020 was an impressively productive year for the Brooklyn-based artist, and 2021 is looking to be another big win as we now receive Zucker’s sophomore album, CRUSHER.

Prepare yourself to cry before you push play because this latest offering does not shy away from the sharpest corners of the heart. A glimpse at the tracklist is enough to tell you that Jerm takes on his heaviest heart to date, but a proper listen will have you neck-deep in a puddle of feelings and pop-leaning pleasantries. If you’ve had your run of toxic relationships that cut you deep—and let’s face it, who hasn’t— this new album is your soundtrack.

I wasn’t planning on being an emotional mess this morning, but here we are. There’s something profoundly cathartic about hearing heartbreak expressed in unflinching terms, and while the initial hit may hurt, the resolve to be present with those feelings see it through to the end bears the sweetest fruits. Stream Jeremy Zucker’s new album, CRUSHER, below. Enjoy!

Jeremy Zucker – CRUSHER