Jerry Folk Drops Fresh & Unexpected Trap Single, “U Got It”

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TSIS veterans are very familiar with the name Jerry Folk. Our coverage of the Norwegian producer dates all the way back to 2015 and we feel like his music has aged like fine wine. Today, he’s returned to the site once again for the release of his latest single, “U Got It,” out now via Folkestad Recordings.

Jerry Folk’s productions have stood the test of time in part because every release explores a unique direction and genre. “U Got It” is a more trap inspired affair that highlights those signature upbeat Jerry Folk melodies. The track opens with an unexpected harpsichord before transitioning into a gentle plucking synth amidst a bed of 808 percussion. The contrast between the modern and the classic creates a wildly unique mix that defies expectation.

Stream the track below and enjoy!

Jerry Folk – U Got It