Jim-E Stack Delivers An Immaculate Sophomore Album With ‘EPHEMERA’

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Jim-E Stack had one of our favorite album rollouts of the whole year. It seemed like each week he was hand delivering little pockets of beautiful, unique music. Today, we finally get to hear his new sophomore album, EPHEMERA, in its 8-track entirety, and it all meshes together perfectly.

Each and every song off this project is such a vibe. The intoxicating lo-fi sound behind the whole thing puts us in a nostalgic state, but, at the same time, the sounds, rhythms, and compositions are all so forward-thinking. Jim-E has created an amazing juxtaposition there, and we can’t pry ourselves away from it. It has a ton of re-listening potential.

Jim-E also recruited some of the brightest rising talents in the industry for this album. The guest features on EPHEMERA include Empress Of, Octavian, Dijon, Bearface, Ant Clemons, and of course, Bon Iver.

Check out the new brilliant album from Jim-E Stack below and enjoy!