Jimi Somewhere Drops “Bottle Rocket” As First Single Off Frothcoming Album


Jimi Somewhere is back with his second release of 2020! Having started out the year with his impressive track “Selfish“, the quickly-rising talent has now unveiled “Bottle Rocket” as the first single off his new album.

Three years in the making, Jimi’s debut album Nothing Gold Can Stay has finally begun to see the light of day with this latest offering. As usual, JS has taken an incredibly unconventional approach to this track, weaving bouncing piano melodies, crisp, pumping percussion and his own blown out, screaming vocals throughout the entirety of this new summer bop.

“I remember when I was in high school and my friends started to get their driver’s licenses, we would just drive out. There was literally nothing happening, but it didn’t really matter because we all had so much energy and just us being together alone was so much fun. I tried to capture that feeling. Of just being excited about everything. Being loud. And feeling invincible!” – Jimi Somewhere

We’re going to have a very hard time keeping this earworm out of hour heads. Stream “Bottle Rocket” below and enjoy!

Jimi Somewhere – Bottle Rocket