Jimmy Edgar & Hudson Mohawke Explore Sound In Genre Defying “BENT”

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Jimmy Edgar and Hudson Mohawke have been behind some of electronic music’s most prolific sound waves. Today, they’ve combined their forward thinking production talents on an exploratory new track titled, “BENT.”

The modal loop that drives this collab began as the brain child of the UK-based HudMo. Once it made its way to Edgar, the Detroit based producer pumped in gut-punching bass, mind-bendingly delayed synths, and clanking percussion samples for a minimalist track that will have you feeling like you’re roaming around a futuristic underground city.

These two artists are always on the cutting edge of electronic music, and our eyes lit up when we their names together on a track. Grab a good pair of headphones for this one, you don’t want to miss a thing. Stream Jimmy Edgar and Hudson Mohawke’s newest track “BENT” below.

Jimmy Edgar – BENT (feat. Hudson Mohawke)