JIMMY EDGAR Serves Up New Experimental Album ‘LIQUIDS HEAVEN’

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Coming up as a teenage prodigy, artist and producer JIMMY EDGAR has had quite the start to his musical career. Now almost seventeen years deep, the veteran artist lands on Innovative Leisure for the release of his eighth studio album. Spawning from “Edgar’s explorations of “material” in the digital world” comes his newest, most highly-anticipated LP, LIQUIDS HEAVEN.

The album features a large array of vocalists, including LIZMilk, and Ripparachie to name a few. In fact, the highly collaborative album sees JIMMY EDGAR go solo for two tracks, the experimental “SLIP N SLIDE” and “SIDEROOM.” JIMMY explores a variety of genres, from bass, to metal, to rap, on LIQUIDS HEAVEN, showcasing his array of production expertise.

JIMMY commented on the new LP, saying:

It’s very exciting to release ideas to the world. Liquids Heaven feels like an exciting progression in my work so I could not be happier quite honestly. I feel it’s my most honest, emotional and authentic work.

You can stream LIQUIDS HEAVEN at the link below, out everywhere via Innovative Leisure. Enjoy!