JKuch Announces Debut Album, Drops Flavorful First Single “Cabin Fever”


A JKuch album has been a long time coming. The singer/songwriter/producer has been releasing tantalizing dance tracks for almost a decade, and now he has finally announced a 10-track record titled Specter’s Garden. Much like TV series episodes, he will roll out singles monthly until the full collection is out in the world. Last week the first track from the project came out, and “Cabin Fever” is a smashing indie-pop jam that is delighting fans. 

If there’s one thing JKuch does, he effortlessly weaves sounds together to create an exotic atmosphere. He concocts a spicy blend of poppy production and glitchy electronic elements to make an exciting bop with buoyant and punchy beat-work. And then to shake things up even more, his dreamy vocal style coats the melody like warm drizzle. “Cabin Fever”  keeps it fresh and puts the New Yorker in a category of his own. 

You can listen to the single below, and be sure to follow JKuch so you can hear each new song as it’s released. Enjoy!

JKuch – Cabin Fever