Leon Bridges Links With John Mayer On Soothing Quarantine Jam “Inside Friend”

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Leon Bridges has the voice of an angel with the uncanny ability to transcend genres. This leads the Texas talent to produce hit after hit with a plethora of different artists, and for his latest song he links of with the one and only, John Mayer. Leon Bridges and John Mayer? Now THAT is one delicious duo.

These two sultans of sultry have teamed up on a super smooth introvert anthem titled, “Inside Friend,” and frankly, I think that’s the most appropriate song title I’ve heard this month. In an interview, Bridges commented:

“The concept for ‘Inside Friend’ came about from Mayer and I joking around in the studio about what an ideal date for an introvert or homebody like myself would be. I tour most of the year, so I’d rather invite a gal over to lounge comfortably in the crib as opposed to go out somewhere crowded. ‘Inside Friend’ stayed on the back burner for a while because it didn’t fit within the context of my third project, but the current state we’re in globally compelled us to dig this back up and finish it. I hope people find it soothing and uplifting while we hole up indoors and get through this.”

This track puts both John and Leon right in their element. This dreamy downtempo melody takes its sweet time, leaving plenty of breathing room for John’s serene guitar fills, Leon’s honey-smooth vocals, and some velvety dual vocal harmonies.

While we may all be currently stuck in our homes, one thing is for damn sure: when you have artists like Leon Bridges and John Mayer releasing sublime music like “Inside Friend,” it makes the stay a whole lot sweeter. Stream below and enjoy!

Leon Bridges – Inside Friend (Feat. John Mayer)