John Summit Plays Boat Party in Croatia After “Accidentally” Eating Mushrooms

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Nothing can stop John Summit. Not even an “accidentally” consumed mushroom chocolate bar. The rising tech house phenom was in for quite the afternoon yesterday after eating what he thought was a normal chocolate bar, according to him.

John Summit was scheduled to play a boat party later that day at Defected Croatia later that day. Instead of bailing, he doubled down, finishing the chocolate bar after he realized what it was, and set out to do his job.

im sooo hungry and theres nothin to eat in my hotel room so i just ate a chocolate bar but i forgot it’s a *special* chocolate bar so ya todays boat party is gonna b interesting lol

— John Summit (@johnsummit) August 4, 2022

Apparently, the set went pretty well, as he posted a video on Twitter of him playing to an enthusiastic crowd. In the replies, he confirmed that the chocolate bar did eventually hit. “I am tripping absolute dick,” he said.

i am tripping absolute dick rn

— John Summit (@johnsummit) August 4, 2022

It’s hard to imagine showing up to your gig and actually doing the job well while tripping. Maybe John Summit is just built a bit differently. Props.

John Summit is coming off a new single, “What A Life,” which dropped last Friday, and is on a massive tour right now.