Joji Delivers Awe Inspiring Emotional Debut Album ‘BALLADS 1’ : Chill R&B

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Joji may have had to face some adversity when pivoting his entertainment career from YouTube comedian to R&B singer, but all of that is now in the past. Today Joji drops his debut album, BALLADS 1, and if anything, it’s a testament to his truly profound musical talent. You might know Joji from his days as Filthy Frank or Pink Guy, but his Joji project is truly an amazing shift and should be taken seriously.

if you were still on the fence about whether he had what it takes to actually make it in the music world, BALLADS 1, should vanquish any doubts. Joji isn’t just showing off his stunning voice on this project. He’s created an entire melancholy world for you to plunge your sorrows into.

Even though most of the subject matter throughout BALLADS 1 is pretty somber, you leave the album with an odd sense of comfort. Joji really knows how to hit home with those relatable themes. One listen through the album almost feels like a productive therapy session.

Everything on the album is executed flawlessly. In fact, Joji’s debut may be one of our favorite projects released all year. You can definitely expect this one to make it on our end of the year list.

Listen to Joji’s BALLADS 1 below and enjoy!

Joji – BALLADS 1