Nero’s Joseph Ray Releases Chilling Solo Track “Inside” Ft. MELI

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Joseph Ray has just put out his first solo track “Inside” featuring vocalist MELI. Along with Daniel Stevens and Alana Watson, Ray is one of the members of the Grammy-Award-winning electronic music trio Nero we've been fans of for years. While Nero has not put out official new music in nearly two years, they have continued to tour since. The Smirnoff Sound Collective initiative has linked Ray and MELI together, the result of which is a deep, chilling house tune.

“Inside” is certainly reminiscent of a Nero track, with huge brass synths reverberating in the distance and ambient strings tying one section into the next. MELI’s haunting vocals echo over synth arpeggios, giving the song an almost tribal feel. Ray builds the tension back up with a delicate chord progression that combines with earlier elements to form the last section and outro of the track.

“Inside” is one of many solo works Joseph Ray plans to put out this year, one of which will be a collaboration with Haitian band Lakou Mizik. You can also catch Nero on their US tour this month, which will be making a final headlining stop at Global Dance Festival in Colorado. Enjoy!

Joseph Ray – Inside (Ft. MELI)