josh pan & Dylan Brady Deliver Dark, Experimental New Single “Wheels” Ahead Of Joint Album

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When it comes to josh pan, we’ve learned to always expect the unexpected. Having channeled nearly every electronic genre imaginable into his music in some way, today the always evolving artist has teamed up with fellow experimentalist Dylan Brady on a wild new collab “Wheels”.

“When me and Josh wrote ‘Wheels’ we were at the tail end of an all night session. It was about 5 am I think. It felt like we were wrapping up, collecting ourselves. But somehow we started writing one more song. Me and Josh were really in sync that night. Never really had an experience like that before.” – Dylan Brady (via Noisey)

Both josh pan and Dylan Brady have a lot in common when it comes to music. With each having experimented widely with acoustic instrumentation, heavy bass and intricate vocal production for quite some time, today we’ve found the two amidst a new sonic revolution. With lush warbling guitar and a slow, constant drum beat providing a base for some impressive, wonky vocals, if the pair’s forthcoming joint album This Car Needs Some Wheels (out March 14), is even half as odd as this latest offering we’re definitely in for a treat. Stream “Wheels” and check out its haunting accompanying music video below and enjoy!

josh pan & Dylan Brady – Wheels [Official Music Video]