JOYRYDE Goes Ballistic On Long Awaited Debut Album, ‘Brave’

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We’ve been waiting for this one for what seems like years, and today, we can finally feast, as JOYRYDE has finally released his highly-anticipated debut album, Brave, and saying it was worth the wait is the understatement of the year. 

This debut album takes listeners on a ride and a half, harnessing spicy as bass house energy, mind-numbing breakdowns, booming sound design, and explosive drops. This album has something for any house head.  Tracks like “On Fire,” “Got Real,” and “4AM” dive a little deeper, while others like “I’m Gone,” “Madden,” and “Selecta 19” showcase that classic explosive bass house energy that catapulted the bad British man into prominence. JOYRYDE is best known for his full throttle, heart pumping bass house- rightfully so I might add- but some of the best moments on this album come when he slows it down a touch to deliver some hard hitting trap like in tracks like “I Slay,” “Focus,” “Arteries,” and “Yuck.” 

JOYRYDE came in guns blazing with this debut album, creating an 18-track weapon from front to back. While the tempo may ebb and flow, the energy never lets up for a single second. This project delivers hit after hit after hit and we can comfortably say it’ll turn any rager into an all out war zone.  Stream JOYRYDE’s debut album, Brave, below, and Enjoy!